Flambeau Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Application

Custom manufacturer of injection and blow molded parts and assemblies for agricultural equipment with engineering and tooling facilities and services available. Industries we serve include all-terrain vehicles, mowing equipment.

Flambeau Fluid Systems supplies overflow tanks to industries such as agriculture, along with truck, bus, RV and marine. Our tanks are very versatile to fit a variety of radiator and cooling systems. We have lots of options for these tank assemblies with a wide range of fittings, hoses as well as caps. We can customize these overflow tanks to fit the necessary needs for that particular industries' application.

Flambeau, a contract manufacturer with over 65 years of experience in the plastics industry, is partnering with major manufacturers to deliver custom molded products with the highest quality and cost reduction features for the Agriculture Equipment and Machinery Industry.

Flambeau's experience includes, but is not limited to the following examples: Oil Reservoirs, Surge Tanks, Air Filter Assemblies, Coolant Tanks, Fenders, Deflector Shields, Fan Shrouds, Cab HVAC Ducts, Grain Door Covers, Seed Hoppers and Lids, and Seed Delivery System Components.

We believe our options portfolio offers your company the flexibility it needs to compete in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

Flambeau Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Application Product Photo