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Consulting / Product Design

From total product design to fine-tuning of your specs, our integrated team of designers, engineers and mold makers help you create the product(s) you envision.

• 3-D CAD database and detailed part drawings
• Comprehensive designs for product integrity and molding efficiency
• Specialization in complex projects

Tool Design

You gain a competitive edge from our experience and resources. Our fifty years of experience designing and building molds for Flambeau has prepared us for your most challenging projects. Precision molds are delivered on time, even for highly engineered products. When product and tool design are concurrent, your tools are ready up to one-third faster.

• 11 CAD workstations (Unigraphics, CATIA and PRO-E)
• Surface/solids capabilities
• Expertise in automation and runnerless molds
• Internet based electronic file transfer, 24 hours a day

Tool Fabrication
Precision Tool Construction

Our 48 skilled craftsmen average 18 years experience. Even the most complex, highly engineered tooling is right the first time.

• Precision injection and blow molds in all sizes from a few pounds
to 20 tons
• Around-the-clock operations
• Certified tooling with pre-production molded samples
• Alliances with off-shore and domestic tooling resources

CNC Capabilities

Computer generated CNC programs are utilized for accuracy and repeatability. High-speed machining dramatically cuts total cycle time.

• EDM (wire and sinker capabilities)
• Shop floor tool path programming (2D & 3D)
• Around-the-clock unattended operations controls cost and
speeds deliveries

Custom Machinery for Automation
Custom Machinery for Automated Finishing

Custom engineered for each application, our automated equipment finishes your part in one step.

• Cuts costs and cycle time
• Improves consistency and quality
• Programmable controllers for accuracy, repeatability and safety
• Statistically capable extension of the molding and manufacturing process

Program Management

Microsoft Project software provides real time status of all projects.

Prototype Capabilities
Prototyping and Pre-Production

Free form models can be developed in days to meet your engineering and marketing needs. Fast limited-run production tooling speeds your product to market.

• Handcrafted or computer generated free form models
• Wide range of rapid prototype tooling options including cast epoxy
• Testing and evaluation services
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