Reward an Associate - Flambeau's G.E.M. Award Program

The G.E.M. Award seeks to recognize Flambeau Associates who "go the extra mile" and stand out in supporting Flambeau's core values and customers. The first facet of Flambeau's four-facet strategic platform is Outstanding People: "Flambeau recognizes our people are our most important resource for providing enduring and meaningful value to our customers". The G.E.M. Award was created to recognize those Outstanding People. Award criteria have been separated into five categories: positive attitude, quality of work, respect for others, collaboration and responsiveness.

You may recognize a Flambeau Associate with a G.E.M. Award at any time by completing a G.E. M. Award form. Please print the G.E.M. Award Form (CLICK HERE), complete and fax to: 608-355-2255. Flambeau's HR Department will review submitted forms and the respective G.E.M. awards will be posted at the recipients location and on Flambeau's intranet site. Every month Flambeau's Corporate HR Department will compile all awards for the month and draw two $100 award winners. The selected winners will be noted in Flambeau's "Flambeau Ink" newsletter.
Going The Extra Mile