Flambeau Corporate Information

Flambeau, Inc. brings plastic to life for thousands of businesses and millions of professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts worldwide. From that first fishing lure, Flambeau has grown to encompass a diverse range of manufactured plastic products. Flambeau and its divisions, in conjunction with other members of the Nordic Group of Companies, form a total resource network providing customer assistance in design and specifications of injection molded and blow molded thermoplastic components and products, building of tools / tooling and fixtures, and contract manufacturing of complete assemblies.

The picture here shows "Old Rinky Dink" or Press 0. This was the first machine to produce parts for Flambeau Corporation in 1948. Designed and built in Phillips, Wisconsin by Edwin Sauey and his father, Press 0 was then moved to Bruce, Wisconsin where its first job was run. That first job, frog bodies used for a fishing bait (Halik Frog - also pictured here), was sold by our founder, W.R. Sauey. Operated 20 to 24 hours a day, Old Rinky Dink produced everything from teething rattles to letter openers. In 1958 this machine was retired.

Old Rinky Dink or Press 0 in its place of honor
Genuine Halik Frog with Natural Leg Action bait and original box