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COVID-19 Notice

Flambeau is committed to maintaining the health and safety of our associates and their families, as a part of our larger “Flambeau family.” We are also committed to serving the needs of our customers (click here for further information) at all times, many of whom are designated as essential businesses that help support critical infrastructure and address vital needs throughout our society. During this exceptional time all of us are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to come together and provide real and effective solutions that properly balance the concerns for everyone’s health, while also helping support the supply of goods everyone counts on. At a time like this, it’s even more important everyone is focused on doing the right thing for themselves, for their families, and for our communities.

Jason Sauey, President – Flambeau, Inc.

Flambeau, Inc., its management groups; Automotive Group, Industrial Markets & Packaging Group, Retail Markets Group, Medical Markets Group and Tooling Group and its proprietary product divisions; ArtBin®, Duncan®, Flambeau Outdoors™, Flambeau Fluid Systems™, Flambeau Hardware™, OrnaMates™, and Flambeau Packaging & Storage Solutions™ offer a wide range of product and tooling solutions to businesses, professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts all over the world. Flambeau offers a network of professionals ready to provide customer assistance in design and specifications of injection molded and blow molded thermoplastic components, products, building of tools / tooling and fixtures, and contract manufacturing of complete assemblies.

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The Original Flambeau Halik Frog fishing lure

Why the Frog?

Well, at Flambeau, we are very proud of this little frog. As the first product manufactured by Flambeau's co-founders back in 1948, the Halik Frog fishing Lure is a tangible reminder of the company's simple beginning...

Core Values

Good, strong families are the means through which responsible, caring, and thoughtful individuals are...
We revere truth and practice open and complete disclosure. We adhere to high ethical standards, report...
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