Turnkey Product Design / Product Development / Consulting

Flambeau Engineering Services are based on a 4 factor approach which is the fundamental to good part design:

Comprehensive Part Design
  • The Flambeau Team has many tools available to review and support part design development. Our experienced and knowledgeable designers can support SolidWorks, NX, Pro/ENGINEER and CATIA. Reviewing details with mold-flow and FEA analysis up front saves our customer time and money.
  • Our staff of engineers is experienced at giving hands-on support from conception through production to ensure robust part designs and manufacturing processes. Prototyping - We have the capability to validate part design using our in-house 3-D printing equipment.

The Right Material
  • A thorough and accurate part design along with the right material for the application are inseparable. Our team will work with you and our staff of material specialists have the technical and material expertise to ensure we are delivering the optimized material for your application.

Optimized Mold Design
  • Flambeau is unique in its ability to provide in-house mold building capabilities. We provide high quality tooling made in America and a strong knowledge base to support optimal mold design. For those looking for off-shore tooling, Flambeau leverages a network of international mold-building resources. Full CAD-CAM design and tool-build capabilities, mold-flow analysis tool-build optimization.

Scientific Molding Process
  • Flambeau's Injection Molding utilizes Scientific Molding and RJG E-Dart technology to implement successful molding processes focused on the four cornerstones of injection molding: Part Design, Material, Mold Design, and Process.
  • Implementing this successfully has been and continues to be a focused effort utilizing key molding variables to optimize part quality and cycle time for our customers.
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