Flambeau Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in Flambeau, Inc. The following contact information is provided for consumers and businesses who have questions regarding the company and its products. By selecting the appropriate Consumer or Business contact information below, you will ensure your inquiry will be answered in the most expedient manner.

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Human Resources and Job Opportunities
Please call 608.356.5551, press 4 to reach the HR Department or visit our Job Opportunities page by CLICKING HERE.
For Consumer Inquiries Regarding Flambeau Products
Please call 800.232.3474 (USA & Canada) or 440.632.1631
For Retailer and Retail Distributor Business Inquiries
Physical Address:
Flambeau, Inc. Consumer Division
15981 Valplast Street
Middlefield, Ohio 44062 USA

E-mail: info@flambeau.com

Phone: 800.232.3474 (USA & Canada) or 440.632.1631

Fax: 440.632.1581

Products: ArtBin® Art & Craft Products, Duncan® Toys, Flambeau Hardware™ Products, Flambeau Outdoors™ Products, Flambeau Packaging Solutions, Flambeau Premiums & Special Markets, OrnaMates™, Vlchek® Floral Containers
For Business Inquiries Regarding Industrial & Automotive Products
Physical Address:
Flambeau, Inc.
801 Lynn Avenue
Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 USA

E-mail: oem@flambeau.com

Phone: 1.800.352.6266 (USA & Canada) or 001.800.352.6266 (International)

Fax: 608.356.9354

Products: Automotive, Fluids, Industrial/OEM
For Business Inquiries Regarding Medical Products
Physical Address:
Flambeau Medical Markets Group
3315 W. Vernon Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85009 USA

E-mail: medical@flambeau.com

Phone: 602.484.4520 or 1.800.628.1672

Fax: 602.484.4525

Products: Medical Products

Inventor's Submission Form

Flambeau accepts and encourages the submission of outside ideas, inventions, and/or information regularly. If you have a product idea or invention you would like to share with us, please download and save our Inventor's Submission Release & Questionnaire to your computer and fill it out using Acrobat Reader. When filling out this form, be sure to read all details and instructions included on the form. When the form is complete you will be able to submit the form via e-mail using the "E-mail Form" button (be sure your Internet connection is on before clicking the E-mail Form button). After clicking this button you will be able to include additional comments and attach all pictures, drawings or other information pertinent to your invention.

Inventor's Submission Release & Questionnaire, please CLICK HERE to download.

Acrobat Reader™ is a free download from Adobe® and is required to open and fill out the Inventor's Submission Release & Questionnaire Form. Should you need to install the Acrobat Reader, or update your current version, please click HERE.