Flambeau Core Values

Good, strong families are the means through which responsible, caring, and thoughtful individuals are developed. The family is the most valuable institution in our society. Taking care of family and taking care of business go hand in hand. Do what's right.
We revere truth and practice open and complete disclosure. We adhere to high ethical standards, report objectively, encourage disclosure of bad and good news, and welcome disagreement. We respect all people and treat others as we would like them to treat us. Be true to yourself and others.
Leaders inspire, coach and challenge others to rise up to greater levels of performance. We want people to step forward and provide guidance and support to others for us to progress. Sometimes the most difficult aspect of leadership is knowing when to follow. Anyone can be a leader – why not you? Step up. Raise the bar.
Our company is a network of accomplished, skilled people, each with a necessary role. Each of us has a job to do that others count on to get done, When we each do our part effectively together to the best of our abilities, we create the greatest chance for success. In each other we trust.
The world is constantly changing. We need to learn new skills and develop new capabilities in order to meet new customer interests and beat our competition. To do so we need to continually challenge ourselves and question, improve and innovate our products and processes. Get the gears in motion.
We want engaged people who will achieve superior performance, seek improvement, be proud, and enjoy their work. We must have high expectations of ourselves and of each other and hold ourselves accountable accordingly. We may never achieve "excellence," but the sincere, ongoing pursuit may well provide for our future. Do your best and have fun.