Flambeau Appliance / White Goods Applications

Flambeau offers a complete contract manufacturing service for injection or blow molded products for the Appliance Industry to TS 16949 and ISO 9002/9001 certification standards.

For many years Flambeau has partnered with major manufacturers to optimise their plastic component designs to deliver quality products at the optimal cost.

Flambeau has continued to differentiate its offering by engineering solutions for specific market needs such as:
  • Refrigeration: Blow Molded Chilled Water Tanks, Crisper Drawers and Trim, Gas Assist Handles, and Air Ducts.
  • Laundry Products: Blow Molded Air Duct (Flame retardant Material), Blower Wheels, and Siphon Tubes.

Flambeau's people have evolved their processes to meet customers ever increasing requirements such as high specification surface finish requirements and complex shapes for blow molded water tanks and air movement systems for keeping vegetables and fruit fresh.

This approach has enabled Flambeau to remain competitive in the fiercely competitive appliance industry. We believe our portfolio of options offers your company the flexibility to meet your appliance industry needs to generate value to compete in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

Flambeau is your total resource and we look forward to assisting you achieve your business goals.

Flambeau Appliance / White Goods Applications Product Photo