Flambeau Transportation / Heavy Duty Truck Applications

Who does the transportation industry look to for injection and blow-molded plastic components? At Flambeau we provide OEM, Tier one, Tier two automotive companies as well as heavy duty truck manufacturers a variety of blow molded and injection molded components. Using our ISO and TS registered facilities in the USA and Mexico, we offer high quality and competitive pricing to this huge growing marketplace. From washer bottles, to engine shrouds, coolant tanks to overflow bottles, and HVAC ductwork, Flambeau is your total resource for contract manufactured products. Flambeau is also on the cutting edge of design and production of blow molded DEF tanks.

Flambeau offers Windshield Washer Assemblies in capacities ranging from 1 quart (qt.) to 2 gallons (gal). This particular Washer assembly is used in the truck industry. Each assembly includes a HDPE tank, 12 or 24 volt pump, pump grommet, and vented washer fluid symbol cap. Again, customization is made easy with all of our tank fittings, electrical pumps and caps. A single windshield washer bottle can feed multiple nozzles/windshields. We also offer the option to melt weld in different locations of the tank to assemble multiple pumps to a tank.

Hydraulic Reservoir Assemblies is yet another use for our multi-purpose tanks. We offer stock, customized stock, and complete custom tanks. The photo identifies a complete custom assembly made for the transportation industry. We offer many secondary processes including plastic welding, assembly, and decorating while meeting your customized needs.

Flambeau Transportation/Heavy Duty Truck Applications Product Photo