Flambeau Corporate News

At Flambeau, we’re proud of the people and products that have made us grow and stay strong for over seven decades.

We want you, our valued customers, to know we will continue to provide you with quality products and effective programs to help you into the future as well. Much of what we learn from these diverse products can be applied to future custom projects and provide a market solution to what could be a major stumbling block for a company with less exposure and experience.

Flambeau continues to use our Zerust additive which enables us to mold parts and containers with the additive providing a vapor to protect the items contained or within a closed environment to be protected against rust and corrosion. Custom plastic components molded with Zerust could have application for you to further protect your metal components and products from rust development.

Flambeau recently added rotational molding to our mix of process offerings. Rotational molding may solve an application for certain tanks or parts that have smaller volume requirements or unique part geometry for which the rotational molding process may make a superior functioning part.

Thank you for your support for over 70 years. We are committed to serving you for many more years to come.